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Alabama Education Superintendent Discusses Impact of E-Learning Days and School Closures



Alabama Education Superintendent Discusses Impact Of E Learning Days And School Closures

Alabama’s State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Eric Mackey, has addressed the effects of E-learning days and school shutdowns on children in the state. In the event of a state of emergency and subsequent school closure, these days do not need to be made up by districts. However, if it is an E-learning day, students are expected to complete the assigned work provided by their teachers.


Dr. Mackey emphasized the challenges of E-learning days, noting that students are required to spend six hours a day on their computers with teachers providing instruction. However, there have been reports that this level of engagement is not being met consistently. Dr. Mackey acknowledged this issue and expressed the need to ensure students are actively participating in their education.


Another significant problem highlighted by Richard Franklin, the head of the Birmingham chapter of the American Federation of Teachers, is the lack of internet access for students. This ongoing issue in Alabama hinders many students from fully participating in E-learning. Additionally, some students lack the necessary devices for E-learning. Franklin urged the state to invest more in technology and ensure equitable access for all students.


The state’s legislators have the opportunity to address these challenges and provide adequate funding to support E-learning initiatives in Alabama. By doing so, they can facilitate statewide access to technology and ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to engage in remote learning.


It is evident that the impact of E-learning and school closures extends beyond just missed days of education. Addressing these issues is crucial to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to learn and succeed, regardless of their circumstances.


This article highlights the concerns raised by Alabama’s State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Eric Mackey, about the effectiveness and accessibility of E-learning during school closures. It also emphasizes the need for investment in technology and internet access to ensure equitable education for all students in the state.


Rachel Adams

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