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Biden Expresses Frustration with Netanyahu in Private Conversations



Biden Expresses Frustration With Netanyahu In Private Conversations

President Joe Biden has been candid in expressing his frustration in private discussions, including with campaign donors, over his challenges in persuading Israel to alter its military tactics in Gaza. Sources familiar with Biden’s comments reveal that he views Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the primary obstacle to progress in the region.

Biden’s private conversations have showcased a level of candor that has surprised his listeners. Sources indicate that he has referred to Netanyahu in less-than-flattering terms, expressing difficulty in dealing with him and even labeling him as an “asshole” on at least three occasions.

The President’s discontent stems from the high civilian death toll in Gaza, which has surpassed 28,000, and Netanyahu’s resistance to pursuing a comprehensive peace agreement. Despite U.S. officials publicly opposing Israel’s planned ground assault on Rafah, Netanyahu remains steadfast in his approach.

Following a nail-biting Super Bowl matchup, the Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious over the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas. Coach Andy Reid commended the team’s efforts, especially quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who led a remarkable comeback in the second half, securing the Vince Lombardi Trophy for the Chiefs for the third time in five years.

In other news, a tragic incident unfolded at Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, where a woman opened fire, resulting in casualties. Despite the swift response from off-duty officers, a child and a man sustained injuries, with the woman losing her life.

Former President Donald Trump’s remarks suggesting a lenient stance towards Russia’s actions against NATO countries have sparked widespread condemnation. Trump’s comments elicited strong reactions from the White House and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, underlining the importance of a unified response to potential threats.

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