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Charly Boy Reconsidered Being a Reverend After Seminary Experience



Charly Boy Reconsidered Being A Reverend After Seminary Experience

Controversial Nigerian musician, Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, recently shared his experience of considering a career as a reverend after attending seminary.

Speaking candidly on The Honest Bunch Podcast, the outspoken singer revealed how his strong religious background and his father’s influence shaped his early life, leading him towards considering a path that did not ultimately align with his true calling.

Charly Boy admitted that his father’s deep religious beliefs heavily impacted his upbringing, with religion being infused into every aspect of his life. He stated that his father’s strong influence effectively ‘ruined him with religion.’

The musician went on to discuss his time at the seminary, where he delved deep into religious studies and contemplated becoming a reverend. However, as he immersed himself further into his studies, he started to question whether this path was the right fit for him.

According to Charly Boy, he realized that the strict and dogmatic nature of his religious upbringing stifled his creativity and personal expression. He yearned for freedom to explore his own beliefs and express himself authentically.

This introspection led him to make the decision to step away from the seminary and pursue a different career path, ultimately finding success as a musician and entertainer.

Despite turning away from the idea of becoming a reverend, Charly Boy remains respectful of those who choose religious vocations. His experiences have shaped his unique perspective on religion and spirituality, influencing his art and music.

Rachel Adams

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