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Christ Embassy Fire Incident: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reassures Congregation of Rebuilding Plans



Christ Embassy Fire Incident: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reassures Congregation Of Rebuilding Plans

The President and founder of LoveWorld Incorporated, commonly known as Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, addressed the recent fire incident at the church’s headquarters during a live Sunday service in Asese, Ogun State. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome assured congregants that the fire was not accidental and saw it as an opportunity for greater things.

The church headquarters located in the Oregun area of Ikeja, Lagos State, was engulfed in flames on Sunday morning, leading to a significant blaze that attracted attention from across the region.

Reflecting on the incident, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome stated, ‘Nothing in the life of a child of God happens by accident.’ He recounted a similar experience during the 2001 Ikeja Cantonment bombing incident, where the building shook violently, prompting him to consider building a larger structure in the event of a collapse.

In response to the recent fire, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome emphasized the church’s plan to rebuild a bigger, better, and more glorious headquarters. He expressed confidence that the outcome would surpass the previous structure, emphasizing resilience in the face of adversity.

Reports indicated that officials from the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service were present at the scene to manage the situation and prevent further damage. Videos shared on captured the intensity of the fire and the swift emergency response efforts.

Sharing updates on the ongoing situation, Augustine, tweeting as Chief_Augustin1 on, detailed the efforts of the fire service to contain the blaze at the Christ Embassy Church headquarters in Oregun. The timely intervention prevented the fire from escalating further, ensuring the safety of property and individuals in the vicinity.

Jide, a seasoned journalist with over 12 years of experience, reported on the business-related aspects of the incident, shedding light on the implications for the church’s operations and outreach efforts. His coverage contributed to a broader understanding of the event and its significance within the community.

This unfolding story garnered attention from various media outlets, including PUNCH, showcasing the resilience and faith of the Christ Embassy congregation in the aftermath of the fire incident. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s message of hope and renewal resonated with members and supporters, inspiring a spirit of unity and determination moving forward.

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