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Controversy Over Adaptation Changes in ‘The Idea of You’ Movie Ending



The recent release of ‘The Idea of You’ movie, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, has sparked controversy among fans over the changes in the ending from the original book by Robinne Lee. Starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine, the film adaptation has taken a different direction than the beloved novel, leaving many viewers divided.

Some viewers speculated that the character Hayes Campbell, played by Galitzine, was inspired by the likes of Harry Styles due to certain similarities in the story. However, author Robinne Lee has debunked these theories and emphasized that the work is not a piece of fan fiction but a standalone creation.

The director, Michael Showalter, took creative liberties in altering the ending of the movie, deviating from the book’s conclusion. While the book sees the protagonists, Solène and Hayes, parting ways due to their differences in life stages, the film introduces a more open-ended resolution, leaving the future of the characters up for interpretation.

In the novel, Solène chooses to end the relationship with Hayes, who then returns to his band, August Moon, after a brief reunion. However, the movie portrays a scenario where the couple mutually decides to take a break and reconvene after several years, showcasing a more hopeful tone.

The altered conclusion by Showalter has received mixed reactions from audiences, with some appreciating the added optimism while others preferred the original book ending. The movie’s departure from the source material has sparked discussions among fans and critics regarding the adaptation process and the impact of changing key plot points.

The final scene of the film, set in Los Angeles and featuring a significant interaction between Solène and Hayes, leaves audiences with lingering questions about the characters’ future and the dynamics of their relationship. As ‘The Idea of You’ continues to provoke thought and debate, viewers are left to ponder the significance of altered endings in cinematic adaptations.

Rachel Adams

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