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Debating the Benefits of Exercising with Friends: Fun or Dreadful?



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For Guardian US writers Lauren Mechling and Madeleine Aggeler, the age-old debate of whether exercising with friends is fun or dreadful has come into the spotlight once again in the bustling city of New York.

It all began when Lauren bumped into her friend Liana by the farmers’ market in Soho last month. What started as an innocent comment about getting fit turned into a rigorous fitness routine that now sees them both logging miles in Central Park.

While Lauren initially preferred working out solo and despised the idea of ‘sweat dates’, her daily runs with Liana have become a regular bonding session. The pair engage in free-flowing conversations and bursts of laughter as they push each other to reach their fitness goals.

On the contrary, Madeleine strongly advocates for exercising alone, categorically dismissing the idea of involving friends or family members in her fitness routine. She finds solace in her solitary workouts and believes that personal growth and toughness can only be achieved in the absence of companions.

Despite the differing opinions, both Lauren and Madeleine make valid points about the pros and cons of exercising with friends. While Lauren values the accountability and camaraderie that come with a workout buddy, Madeleine prefers the solitude and inner strength gained through individual workouts.

As the debate continues, one thing is clear: the choice between sweating alone or with others ultimately boils down to personal preference and what motivates individuals to stay active and healthy.

Rachel Adams

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