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Democrats Divided: Calls for Biden to Step Aside Intensify After ABC Interview



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Pressure mounts within the Democratic Party as the fallout from President Biden‘s recent ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos reverberates across Washington. Following the interview, where Biden addressed concerns about his age and mental fitness in the wake of a contentious debate with former President Donald Trump, calls for the President to step aside have intensified.

Democratic Representative Mike Quigley of Illinois became the fifth congressional Democrat to openly express doubts about Biden’s ability to continue as the party’s nominee. Quigley, joining the ranks of Seth Moulton, Lloyd Doggett, Raúl Grijalva, and Angie Craig, emphasized the need for a candidate with the stamina to effectively campaign against Trump.

Amidst the growing divide within the party, Senator Chris Coons of Biden’s home state, Delaware, rallied in support of the President, signaling a potential rift between party members. House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is poised to convene a critical meeting with House Democratic ranking members to address the escalating calls for leadership change.

Biden’s determination to stay in the race, affirmed by both campaign advisers and White House officials, sets the stage for a tumultuous week ahead. With looming campaign events in Philadelphia and the upcoming NATO summit, Biden faces a pivotal moment as the Democratic Party grapples with internal discord.

As the political landscape braces for potential shifts, the fate of the Democratic nomination hangs in the balance, with key figures like George Stephanopoulos and prominent lawmakers in the spotlight. The spotlight now turns to Washington as the party navigates a critical juncture in the lead-up to the next election.

Rachel Adams

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