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Dragon Battle Shocks Realm: House of the Dragon Episode Recap



Dragon Battle Shocks Realm: House Of The Dragon Episode Recap

Sunday night’s episode of House Of The Dragon was one of the most intense so far, with a dragon sequence that rivaled even Season 1’s tragic finale. Like that scene, which saw the death of young Lucerys, it was once again Aemond and his monstrous dragon, Vhagar, that brought death swirling down.

Tonight’s dragon battle was a memorable scene in George R.R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood, but once again the show’s version differs rather starkly, though as with Aemond and Lucerys, the change is one that I actually like quite a bit. We’ll get to that in a moment.

This was a very bad episode for King Aegon who realizes during a meeting of his Small Council, that Aemond and Ser Criston Cole have been coordinating the war effort without him.

Aemond speaks to his brother in Valyrian so that nobody else in the room will understand them. He’s clearly fluent and well-practiced; his brother’s broken reply at the end shows that he is not.

Forbes Vetted For You “What would you have me do?” he pleads. She tells him the one thing he can do: Nothing at all. It’s too much for the brash young king. Later, he stews over the indignity of it all before finally making up his mind to take his dragon Sunfyre and head to Rook’s Rest to aid his Hand in battle.

Rhaenyra returns to Dragonstone to her own Council of malcontents. Even her son, Jacaerys, is angry with her unexplained absence, and then shocked by her admission that she went to King’s Landing to meet with Alicent without telling anyone. When she says she will take her dragon Syrax to Rook’s Rest, she’s met with fierce opposition.

Rhaenys and Meleys arrive over the battlefield not long after Cole’s assault on the keep begins. She douses the field in flame as men-at-arms run panicking from the field. But this is exactly what Criston Cole was hoping for. He orders signal arrows to be fired, and not far off we see Aemond and his ancient beast, Vhagar, hiding in the trees.

When Sunfyre appears over the forest, Cole is speechless. Ser Gwayne Hightower is outraged. “This was your plan! To risk the king’s life!”

Meleys and Sunfyre meet in the skies above Rook’s Rest, tooth and flame, and it’s quickly apparent that the older dragon and rider have the advantage.

Rhaenyra tells Jace about the Song of Ice and Fire.

Rhaenys learns that Alyn of Hull is the bastard son of her husband Corlys Velaryon.

House Tully has instead sent his grandson and heir Oscar, a stammering tween who is loath to take any action while his grandfather clings to life.

Rhaenys shows up to the dock and casts an appraising gaze upon Alyn the sailor. She takes a particular interest in his cheekbones, so similar to the ones she sees across the dinner table every night.

Her suggestion that she go herself, on Syrax, is shot down. She’s too important. Jacaerys volunteers to go, on Vermax.

Aemond, who’s been secretly trading raven-messages with Cole, informs Aegon that Cole is marching on the small, poorly defended castle of Rook’s Rest, along the coast.

Alicent tells him that Harrenhal is a cursed place that will overpower Daemon and sap his will.

Rhaenyra tells an impatient Jacaerys about the secret that Viserys passed down to her: Aegon the Conqueror’s dream, the Song of Ice and Fire, the prophecy of the Prince that was Promised, and how you just have to gut out those last coupla seasons because you can tell they’re rushing things to get to the end.

Rachel Adams

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