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Easter Trading Hours: Supermarkets and Bottle Shops Open on Good Friday



Easter is right around the corner, and this year, many supermarkets and bottle shops are open to cater to the public on the Good Friday public holiday. Among the key players open include Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Foodlands, and even Klose’s Supermarkets, providing shoppers with the convenience of last-minute Easter shopping.

While some of the bigger chains like Coles and Woolworths have a limited number of regional stores open, the choices expand significantly when looking at IGA and Foodland outlets, ensuring that most areas have access to essential supplies.

It’s a notable shift from years ago when no bottle shops were allowed to trade on Good Friday, but now, there’s quite a selection available for those who wish to purchase alcohol during the holiday.

It’s important for customers to verify the open hours with each venue before heading out, as details such as timings are subject to change based on individual store policies.

Notable Woolworths locations like the one at 143 Glynburn Road in Firle are operating from 9am to 5pm, offering ample time for shoppers to stock up on groceries.

Across various regions, stores like Victor Harbour, Murray Bridge, and Mount Barker are facilitating residents with longer trading hours from 8am to 8pm, ensuring everyone can pick up their essentials with ease.

Among the IGA locations that are operational on Good Friday, Adelaide City East stands out with its 8am to 9pm schedule, providing a wide window for customers to shop. Similar extended hours can also be found at Brooklyn Park, which is open from 7am to 11pm.

For those in Clare or Coffin Bay, the local IGAs are running from 7am to 7pm, giving the community a chance to get all they need well into the evening hours on the public holiday.

Foodlands have a significant presence across regions, with stores like Aston Hills, Mannum, Mile End, Prospect, and Pooraka extending their hours on Good Friday to cater to the holiday demand.

On the alcohol front, bottle shops like Bank Street and Plympton are providing services from mid-afternoon till late at night, accommodating those looking to purchase beverages during the holiday.

With most major retailers closed on Good Friday, the open supermarkets and bottle shops serve as important hubs for the community to access necessities and holiday supplies, ensuring everyone has a seamless Easter celebration.

Rachel Adams

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