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Fugitive American Rape Suspect’s Identity Crisis Unraveled in Imposter Saga



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A controversial saga surrounding American fugitive rape suspect Nicholas Rossi‘s identity has come to light in a captivating documentary named ‘Imposter: The Man Who Came Back From The Dead’. This gripping tale continues to unfold post-Rossi’s extradition from Scotland to the United States after a lengthy legal battle. Rossi, who adamantly claims to be Arthur Knight, an Irish orphan, awaits his trial in Utah alongside his wife, Miranda. The case raises intriguing questions about his true identity and past.

Nicholas Rossi, originally named Nicholas Alahverdian, was born in Providence in July 1987 to parents Jack and Diana Alahverdian. His childhood was tumultuous, marked by stints in treatment centers and foster homes before being adopted by David Rossi. He later grew into a vocal critic of the Rhode Island Department of Children Youth and Families, citing experiences of alleged mistreatment during his time under their care.

In 2008, Rossi faced accusations of raping two women in Utah, events that resurfaced a decade later due to a backlog in DNA testing. Amidst allegations of domestic violence from his hometown, Rossi declared a terminal illness in early 2020, sparking a mysterious disappearance and a purported death hoax that led to his relocation to Ireland for a fresh start.

Under the alias ‘Arthur Knight’, Rossi encountered his now-wife Miranda in Bristol in 2019. The couple wedded and settled in Scotland, where Rossi posed as a professor at the University of Glasgow, sporting various accents and keeping a veil of mystery around his true identity. Despite the accusations, Miranda staunchly stood by her husband’s side, convinced of a mistaken identity.

The complex plot took a dramatic turn when Rossi was apprehended in a Glasgow hospital in 2021, stirring controversy over his identity. Despite his protests and multiple aliases, including Nick Alan and Nick Brown, legal proceedings have led to his extradition to the U.S. Rossi’s court appearances, marked by a British accent and an oxygen mask, add another layer of intrigue to this ongoing saga.

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