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Gracie Abrams Talks Music, Inspiration, and Growth in Candid Interview with Kaia Gerber



Gracie Abrams Talks Music, Inspiration, And Growth In Candid Interview With Kaia Gerber

Gracie Abrams, the rising music sensation, has shed her sad-girl image and is ready to embrace a new era of music – one filled with bittersweet emotions delivered with a touch of humor. In an exclusive conversation with her friend Kaia Gerber, Abrams delves into her growth as an artist, reflecting on her past work and the journey that led to her sophomore album, ‘The Secret of Us.

As the discussion unfolds, Abrams shares insights into her songwriting process, detailing how her impulsive nature drives her to express her emotions through music. She highlights the role of presence and balance in her creative process, drawing a distinction between her sharp writing style and the softer touch she infuses into her production.

Gerber and Abrams delve deeper into the evolution of Abrams’ songwriting, touching on her early habits of using music as an emotional outlet. Abrams candidly discusses how her experiences on tour post-pandemic have reshaped her approach to writing, emphasizing the impact of exposure therapy on her personal growth and relationships.

The conversation also explores the delicate balance between intimacy and exposure in Abrams’ music, as she navigates the complexities of sharing deeply personal stories while protecting the privacy of those involved. Abrams reflects on the fine line between authenticity and discretion in her songwriting and the art of leaving room for interpretation.

Throughout the interview, Abrams and Gerber touch on the influences that shape Abrams’ work, from her unrequited crushes to her experiences on Taylor Swift‘s tour. Abrams credits Swift not just for her musical prowess but also for her discipline and boundary-setting, which have left a lasting impact on Abrams’ approach to artistry.

As the conversation unfolds, Abrams opens up about the significance of her upcoming tour and the message she hopes to convey to her audience through her music. With a newfound sense of confidence and self-discovery, Abrams is poised to captivate audiences with her raw and relatable storytelling.

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