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Malcolm Turnbull Slams Peter Dutton as a ‘Thug’ on The Project



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In a recent appearance on The Project, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull didn’t hold back in his criticism of Opposition Leader Peter Dutton. Turnbull expressed strong disapproval at the mere thought of Dutton ascending to the highest office, claiming it was a prospect that filled him with dread.

During the interview, Turnbull described Dutton as a ‘thug,’ highlighting his history of promoting division and animosity throughout his political career. The former PM expressed concerns about Dutton’s suitability to lead a multicultural nation like Australia, emphasizing the need for unity and inclusivity in leadership.

When prompted about a potential return to politics himself, Turnbull swiftly dismissed the idea, stating his contentment with being out of the political sphere. Despite acknowledging his enjoyment of political work, Turnbull asserted that he had no intention of making a comeback, humorously quipping about his age in relation to a hypothetical scenario.

Peter Dutton’s recent pledge to reduce the migration rate by a significant number garnered criticism, with many labeling it as a tactic fueled by ‘ugly politics.’ Political analyst Laura Tingle pointed out the simplistic nature of Dutton’s approach, suggesting that it lacked depth and rational policy considerations.

It isn’t the first time Turnbull has publicly criticized Dutton, who he previously referred to as a ‘thug’ on an episode of the ABC series Nemesis. In a candid moment, Liberal Senator James McGrath also branded Turnbull as ‘one of the nastiest people’ he encountered in politics.

Earlier this year, Turnbull faced backlash from his former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, who denounced him for implementing a ban on ministers engaging in relationships with staffers. Joyce, known for his own controversies, openly expressed his frustration with what he perceived as an invasion of his privacy, labeling Turnbull as an ‘idiot’.

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