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Michael Douglas Shocked to Discover Relationship with Scarlett Johansson Through DNA Connection



Veteran Hollywood actor Michael Douglas was left completely stunned after a surprising revelation on the recent episode of PBS‘s Finding Your Roots hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr. The 79-year-old, known for his iconic roles, was informed that he shares a DNA connection with the talented Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson. The 39-year-old Black Widow actress turned out to be Douglas’s “DNA cousin,” and the news left him in disbelief.

“Are you kidding? Oh, that’s amazing. Alright. This is cool. This is so cool,” Douglas expressed in utter amazement upon learning about the unexpected discovery. According to the genealogical research shared by Gates, Douglas and Johansson surprisingly share identical DNA branches on four different chromosomes, adding a whole new layer to their connection.

The shared DNA branches between the veteran actor and the versatile actress seem to appear on Scarlett’s maternal lines, which trace back to Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, as revealed by the investigation. This unexpected revelation brought a sense of joy and excitement to both Douglas and Johansson, who were previously unaware of this unique familial connection.

“That’s incredible,” Douglas remarked upon learning about the ancestral tie with Johansson, further adding, “Well, I look forward to seeing Scarlett next time!” The bond created by this DNA connection has added a new dimension to their relationship, spurring curiosity and appreciation for the unexpected link between the two stars.

The same episode of Finding Your Roots also featured prominent writer-director-actor Lena Dunham, who received a surprising celebrity connection revelation. Dunham was informed by Gates that she shares “at least one common ancestor” with acclaimed filmmaker Larry David, further deepening the intrigue surrounding the genetic ties among Hollywood personalities.

It’s worth noting that Scarlett Johansson and Michael Douglas, who both appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s blockbuster Avengers: Endgame in 2019, have now found an additional, more personal connection through their shared DNA discovery, showcasing the intricate web of relationships in the entertainment industry.

Rachel Adams

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