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PM Modi’s Participation in G7 Summit 2024: Focus on Global Issues and Bilateral Meetings in Italy



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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has landed in Italy‘s Apulia to attend the Outreach session of the G7 Summit 2024, marking his first foreign trip since assuming office for the third term. The summit is being held at the luxurious resort of Borgo Egnazia, where world leaders will gather to discuss pressing global challenges from June 13-15.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is set to welcome PM Modi, with discussions in the Outreach Session expected to revolve around key issues such as artificial intelligence, energy, the conflict in Gaza, Africa, and the Mediterranean. The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict is also likely to dominate the agenda, as Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has already arrived for the summit.

During the summit, Modi is scheduled to engage in bilateral meetings with several world leaders, including Giorgia Meloni, US President Joe Biden, and Pope Francis. The focus of these discussions will be on fostering international cooperation and addressing critical global issues.

PM Modi, in a departure statement, mentioned his previous visit to Italy for the G20 Summit in 2021 and highlighted the significant role played by Meloni in strengthening the India-Italy bilateral relations. The upcoming summit presents an opportunity to align the outcomes of the G20 and G7 Summits under India’s Presidency.

India, a staunch advocate of dialogue and diplomacy, continues to share its perspective with global leaders on various challenges faced by the Global South. Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra emphasized India’s commitment to providing assistance to countries affected by conflict, including humanitarian aid to Ukraine and other regions.

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