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Osgood Perkins’ ‘Longlegs’ Unleashes a Palpable Evil in the Horror Genre



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FBI agent Maika Monroe and the infamous Nicolas Cage cross paths in Osgood Perkins’ latest horror creation, ‘Longlegs,’ immersing audiences in a world tainted by unspeakable malevolence.

The film delves into the dark narrative of a talented FBI agent tracking down a chilling serial killer, with Monroe showcasing her expertise in the horror-thriller realm alongside Cage’s haunting portrayal of a Satanic mass murderer.

Opening first in the UK and US through Black Bear and Neon on July 12, ‘Longlegs’ combines elements of satanism and psychological thrillers akin to ‘Se7en,’ delivering an unfiltered bleakness that may unsettle traditional moviegoers but will captivate horror enthusiasts.

Set in mid-1990s Oregon, agent Lee (Monroe) embarks on a hunt for Longlegs, a devious serial killer with a peculiar pattern that hints at deeper symbolic motives connected to the victims’ birthdays and family tragedies.

Perkins, known for ‘Gretel & Hansel’ and ‘The Blackcoat’s Daughter,’ meticulously constructs a desolate world of grey hues and claustrophobic spaces, heightening the film’s atmosphere of constant despair.

Monroe’s subdued performance aligns perfectly with the film’s somber tone, portraying a character whose hidden past intertwines with the present investigation, leading to a gripping journey of self-discovery and unraveling mysteries.

‘Longlegs’ expertly navigates the realm of moral corruption through meticulous sound design and a spine-chilling score, supported by a stellar cast including Blair Underwood and Alicia Witt.

In a standout role, Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Longlegs transcends his usual flamboyance, embodying a character of pure malevolence devoid of any redemption, setting the stage for intense confrontations and unsettling revelations.

As the story unfolds, Lee must confront her own demons while in pursuit of Longlegs, culminating in a battle of wits and horrors that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Through a masterful blend of realism and supernatural elements, Perkins crafts a narrative that subverts expectations and maintains a grip on the audience’s psyche until the harrowing conclusion.

With ‘Longlegs,’ Osgood Perkins solidifies his status as a visionary in the horror genre, delivering a film that transcends traditional tropes and dives deep into the abyss of human depravity.

Rachel Adams

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