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Suella Braverman Criticizes Tory Party Leadership and Calls for Grassroots Involvement



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Suella Braverman has criticized the leadership of the Conservative Party and called for greater involvement of grassroots members in decision-making processes. The former Home Secretary lambasted the party for the manner in which Boris Johnson was replaced by Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister, highlighting the role of MPs over party members in the selection process.

Braverman, who was re-elected to her Fareham and Waterlooville constituency, expressed her discontent at the sidelining of Boris Johnson and the subsequent succession of Rishi Sunak without a direct vote from the party’s grassroots supporters. She emphasized the importance of members’ voices in choosing the party leader, as was the case in Johnson’s election in 2019.

The turmoil within the Conservative Party, marked by leadership changes and internal disagreements, has raised questions about the party’s integrity and democratic processes. After Liz Truss briefly held the position before stepping down, Rishi Sunak assumed the role of Prime Minister, a move Braverman characterized as undermining democracy and disenfranchising party members.

Not shying away from criticizing her own party, Braverman highlighted the need for the Tories to rebuild trust both with the electorate and within the party itself. She pointed out the marginalization of grassroots members and the disregard for local associations in candidate selection processes, denouncing the influence of personal relationships and connections in these decisions.

In her address to the Popular Conservatives conference, Braverman also stressed the importance of restoring credibility on core conservative policies, particularly on issues such as immigration. She lamented the party’s perceived mimicry of Labour and advocated for a clear distinction by embracing unapologetic patriotism and a focus on the aspirations of hardworking individuals.

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