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Capcom Reveals Pricing Strategy for New Games, Slashing Costs to $10 or $5 After 5 Years



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Capcom, the renowned gaming publisher behind titles like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter World, has unveiled its strategic approach to pricing new game releases. In their fiscal year report, Capcom outlined a plan that involves reducing game prices to $10 or $5 after a period of around five years.

The company aims to maximize unit sales volume and profits for newly launched games over a five-year span. This pricing strategy kicks off with games initially being sold at approximately $60, with gradual price reductions based on market conditions over time.

After the passage of about five years, Capcom indicated that it typically decreases the price of a game to $10, and then further down to $5. An example provided by Capcom was the price reduction of Monster Hunter World last year, where the game was offered for $9.99 following the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds. This move resulted in significantly increased sales for the popular game.

A closer look at Capcom’s online listings for older games, such as Resident Evil 7 and Dead Rising 4, shows that despite being seven years old, these titles are not usually priced at $10 or $5. However, they do frequently go on sale, with current pricing allowing players to acquire these games for a modest sum.

The overarching message from Capcom’s pricing strategy is clear: wait patiently, and eventually, gamers can enjoy significant discounts on previously premium-priced titles. In the interim, there is a plethora of gaming options available to keep players entertained and engaged.

Rachel Adams

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