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Deadly Explosion in Harda Factory: Gunpowder Stockpile Ignites, Causing Devastation



Deadly Explosion In Harda Factory: Gunpowder Stockpile Ignites, Causing Devastation

A massive explosion rocked a factory in Harda, causing widespread devastation and claiming multiple lives. The explosion occurred due to the ignition of a gunpowder stockpile which was being stored in the basement of the factory. The impact of the blast was so powerful that it caused the ground to tremor and resulted in a shower of debris and stones.

The main reason behind the magnitude of the explosion was the improper use of the factory’s basement as a storage facility, resembling a warehouse. The basement housed over a thousand kilograms of gunpowder, which acted as a massive bomb when ignited. The foundation of the three-story building was shattered, and debris rained down from the collapsed walls and roof, causing fatal injuries to the people in the vicinity.

The fire brigade personnel, who were involved in extinguishing the blaze at the factory, stated that the regulations dictate a designated area of at least 25 square meters for storing 15 kilograms of explosive substances. Additionally, the storage area should be on the ground level. However, in the Harda factory, the basement was being used to stockpile gunpowder, breaching the safety regulations.

The excavator operator responsible for digging in the basement area of the storage section noticed yellowish residue during the excavation, indicating the presence of a potentially dangerous substance.

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