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Dyson Announces Global Restructure Putting 1,000 UK Jobs at Risk



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About 1,000 jobs in the UK are under threat as Dyson, renowned for pioneering the bag-less vacuum cleaner, disclosed plans for a global reorganization in response to intensified competition in international markets.

Hanno Kirner, the Chief Executive Officer, highlighted the necessity of this move to ensure Dyson’s readiness for the future, emphasizing the company’s need to exhibit entrepreneurial agility in the fiercely competitive global landscape.

Expressing empathy for those facing redundancy, Mr. Kirner affirmed that comprehensive support would be extended to affected individuals through the challenging process.

With 3,500 employees in the UK and operational hubs in locations such as Wiltshire, Bristol, and London, the reshaping comes at a time when the company is navigating the evolving dynamics of consumer behavior amid the pandemic.

The leader of the Wiltshire Council, Richard Clewer, assured that all possible assistance would be provided to those impacted by these changes during what he described as a period of uncertainty.

Sir James Dyson, the founder of the eponymous company and a prominent figure on the Sunday Times Rich List with a personal fortune of £20.8 billion, had previously criticized the UK government’s stance on business and growth.

Despite this decision predating the general election, Sir James had denounced the government’s approach under the premiership of Rishi Sunak, asserting that economic growth had been unfairly sidelined.

Recognized for his contributions to innovation, Sir James had been lauded for his advocacy of British independence and entrepreneurship, although he faced scrutiny for relocating Dyson’s headquarters to Singapore in 2019.

In a bid to enhance its presence in Bristol, Dyson had announced substantial investments in the area, underlining its commitment to future growth and development.

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