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Russian Missile Barrage Hits Ukrainian Children’s Hospital in Kyiv



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A devastating Russian missile attack struck Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in the heart of Ukraine‘s capital, Kyiv, causing widespread destruction and claiming the lives of at least 31 people. The assault, which targeted five Ukrainian cities, left more than 150 individuals wounded. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the attacks, highlighting the heaviest bombardment Kyiv has faced in recent months.

The missile strikes disrupted medical operations within the hospital, with heart surgeries being interrupted and young cancer patients forced to continue treatments outdoors. Two staff members at the Okhmatdyt hospital were among the casualties, intensifying the tragedy. The strikes also extended to Kryvyi Rih, Zelenskyy’s birthplace, where another ten individuals lost their lives.

With outrage and condemnation pouring in from global leaders, U.S. President Joe Biden labeled the attacks as a grim reminder of Russia‘s brutality. In the wake of the assault, a NATO summit in Washington, aimed at bolstering support for Ukraine and addressing the conflict’s escalating implications, is set to commence.

As rescuers scrambled to navigate the debris and wreckage at the hospital compound, scenes of chaos and devastation unfolded. The main building of Okhmatdyt children’s hospital bore the brunt of the assault, leaving critical departments damaged and patients in turmoil. The Health Minister revealed the chilling details of heart surgeries being interrupted, underscoring the catastrophic impact.

The Security Service of Ukraine identified wreckage of a Russian Kh-101 cruise missile at the hospital site, raising war crime charges. The Kh-101, an air-launched missile, has been at the center of scrutiny, with Ukraine claiming to have intercepted 11 out of 13 launched missiles, underscoring the complexity and dangers of the ongoing conflict.

The U.N. Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, expressed shock at the missile strikes and called on global leaders to act swiftly. The U.N. Security Council has convened an emergency meeting to address the situation, marking a sense of urgency amidst mounting humanitarian crises.

A further wave of missile attacks struck Kyiv, causing additional destruction in the Shevchenkivskyi district, leaving a trail of devastation and loss. Vital infrastructures, including electricity substations, were compromised, exacerbating the challenges faced by the city amidst the ongoing conflict.

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