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First Lady Jill Biden Sends Valentine’s Love to America with Art Display



First Lady Jill Biden Sends Valentine's Love To America With Art Display

First Lady Jill Biden continues her tradition of spreading love and affection to Americans on Valentine’s Day through a unique art display at the White House.

The latest installation, titled “Valentine to the Country,” graces the White House lawn with a large wooden red envelope addressed to America, featuring heartfelt messages to the nation.

This artistic endeavor was unveiled at sunrise today, situated strategically on the Pennsylvania Avenue side of the White House for maximum visibility.

Accompanying the red envelope is a large pink envelope and a card signed by Jill Biden, expressing “Happy Valentine’s Day! XOXO, Jill” to all Americans.

A wooden box sculpted with a three-dimensional White House image spills out pastel-colored hearts bearing messages of love, gratitude, and optimism, such as “Be Kind” and “Choose Love.”

Valentine’s Day holds a special place in the first lady’s heart, marking the fourth year she has conveyed her affection for Americans through such artistic displays.

Jill Biden has a history of showcasing her love for the country, previously featuring children’s handprints from military families in her installations at the White House.

Inside the White House, a separate Valentine’s Day exhibit awaits public viewing during official tours, offering visitors a glimpse of the first lady’s heartfelt gestures.

This tradition of artful displays on Valentine’s Day serves as a unique expression of Jill Biden’s dedication to spreading love and positivity to the nation.

Rachel Adams

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