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Guwahati Municipal Corporation Improves Fleet with New Automated Sweepers



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In a bid to address the issue of dust accumulation in Guwahati, the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC) has invested in enhancing its fleet by acquiring two state-of-the-art automated dust sweeping machines. These machines, procured from an Italian company, have a capacity to collect six cubic meters of dust each, aimed at combating the prevalent dust problems in the city.

The procurement officer of GMC, Parthajeet Das, shared that the new diesel-powered sweepers come as a significant upgrade, with improved operational efficiency. These machines are designed to cover 50 kilometers in eight hours, a notable advancement over the previous sweepers that could only manage 30 kilometers in the same time frame.

Having recently added these automated sweepers to its collection, the Guwahati Municipal Corporation is set to deploy them for street and road cleaning tasks to benefit the city’s residents and commuters. Additionally, to further enhance its operations, GMC has also purchased three water sprinkler machines at a cost of ₹20 lakh each.

The issue of dust buildup, especially on major roads, has been a concern exacerbating air pollution in Guwahati. The new fleet additions and equipment acquisitions reflect the city’s commitment to addressing these environmental challenges. To minimize disruptions, the street cleaning activities are scheduled to take place early in the morning or late at night, ensuring minimal inconvenience to the public.

Rachel Adams

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