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Major Cyberattack Forces CDK Global Car Dealership Software Offline



Major Cyberattack Forces Cdk Global Car Dealership Software Offline

CDK Global, a leading provider of software solutions to auto dealerships across the U.S., has fallen victim to a major cyberattack, disrupting operations for around 15,000 car dealerships that rely on its services. The attack has forced CDK Global to temporarily shut down the majority of its systems, impacting dealerships including those affiliated with General Motors, Group 1 Automotive, and Holman.

The incident, which is currently under active investigation, prompted CDK Global to take precautionary measures and close off most of its systems to mitigate potential risks. A spokesperson for the company stated that efforts are underway to restore normal operations promptly, recognizing the significant impact on customers’ ability to conduct sales and manage dealership functions seamlessly.

Following thorough assessments and consultation with cybersecurity experts, CDK Global announced the restoration of some of its core systems, such as the dealer management system (DMS) and Digital Retailing solutions. However, extensive testing is ongoing for other applications to ensure comprehensive recovery from the cyberattack, with updates expected as services are gradually reinstated.

CDK Global’s DMS serves as a central platform for businesses to monitor and streamline operations, while its retail tools facilitate online and showroom transactions for dealerships. Moreover, the company provides essential tools for managing various dealership functions, including payroll, inventory, and office operations, emphasizing its commitment to cybersecurity on its website.

The identity of the perpetrators behind the cyberattack on CDK Global remains undisclosed at present, leaving dealerships and customers facing operational challenges due to the system outage. Reports suggest that some dealerships resorted to unconventional methods, such as using manual processes like spreadsheets and sticky notes, to continue serving customers for minor transactions amid the disruption.

Creative solutions emerged from dealership employees as they navigated the outage, with discussions on platforms like CBS News and CBS MoneyWatch reflecting the impact on daily operations. The incident underscores the critical reliance of auto dealerships on digital systems and the vulnerabilities that can emerge from cybersecurity breaches in the interconnected automotive industry.

Rachel Adams

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