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Manitoba Marathoner Honors Late Father by Raising Funds for Winnipeg Overdose Prevention Site



Manitoba Marathoner Honors Late Father By Raising Funds For Winnipeg Overdose Prevention Site

Over the weekend, the Manitoba Marathon saw a mix of seasoned runners and first-timers hit the streets of Winnipeg in a display of athleticism and community support.

Caydin Cleland, a biochemistry student at the University of Manitoba, showcased his resilience and dedication by surpassing his fundraising goal for a notable cause in the city. Cleland’s motivation stemmed from honoring the memory of his late father, Jay Hamilton, who tragically passed away from a drug overdose.

Rachel Munday, the executive director of the Manitoba Marathon, highlighted the spirit of camaraderie and achievement that characterized the event. With over 10,000 participants, including prominent athletes like Cameron Levins and Natasha Wodak, the marathon proved to be a platform for both personal triumphs and community impact.

For Cleland, the marathon was not just a physical challenge but a profound way to reflect on his father’s legacy. His resilience and determination to raise funds for the overdose prevention site in Winnipeg garnered over $6,000, showcasing the power of turning personal loss into meaningful action.

As the day unfolded with moments of triumph and shared joy, individuals like Dawn Neal, the women’s full marathon winner, and Andrew Taylor, who claimed victory in the men’s full marathon, demonstrated the diverse stories and motivations that fueled their participation in the event.

Looking ahead, Cleland expressed his desire to continue giving back to his community by volunteering at the Sunshine House, emphasizing the importance of individual actions in creating positive change.

With the spirit of unity and resilience echoing throughout the marathon, Cleland’s journey stood as a testament to the transformative power of turning personal grief into a force for good in the world.

Rachel Adams

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