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Mysterious UK Band Missing These Songs in Their Live Set



Mysterious Uk Band Missing These Songs In Their Live Set

The UK-based alternative metal band Vexed has gained recognition in the heavy music scene with their unique sound and captivating performances. With three studio albums released so far, the band has built a solid repertoire of songs, but there are a few notable tracks that have yet to make an appearance in their live set.

One of their heaviest releases, the track “Gods” from their album Sundowning, showcases Vexed’s vocal range and ability to seamlessly transition between brutal anthems and melodic, atmospheric sections. Surprisingly, this fan-favorite song has not been performed live yet, leaving fans eagerly waiting for its inclusion in future shows.

From their second album, there’s a surprising gem called “Distraction” that highlights Vexed’s talent for composing haunting melodies. This melancholic track captivates listeners with its mesmerizing soundscape, showcasing the band’s versatility and musical depth.

Descending” is a slower, electronically influenced track that deviates from Vexed’s usual formula. Its moody atmosphere might pose a challenge in maintaining the live performance’s overall momentum, explaining why it hasn’t made its way to the stage yet.

A standout composition by Vexed is the piano-driven track, which is perfect for rainy days. Although it hasn’t been performed live, its enchanting piano lines and soulful instrumentation make it a captivating piece that would undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Another track that fans have been eager to see performed live is “High Water.” Known for its progressive elements, this lengthy and popular song from their album This Place Will Become Your Tomb would add an extra level of theatricality to Vexed’s already mystifying stage presence.

“Are You Really Okay?” is Vexed’s interpretation of a power ballad, showcasing their lyrical depth and penchant for creating poignant and relatable lyrics. Its blend of acoustic elements and emotionally charged vocals makes it a strong contender for a live performance.

Vexed’s ability to seamlessly incorporate various musical styles is evident in “The Apparition.” Despite its heavily reverbed synths and R&B-inspired beat, this track offers a dreamy alternative soundscape that explodes into a mesmerizing composition, pushing the boundaries of what constitutes a metal performance.

Wrapping up their latest album, Take Me Back To Eden, “Euclid” is a dynamic track that starts softly, crescendos, and ends with the band’s signature raw energy. With its ethereal quality, this song has gained recognition as one of the album’s standout tracks, leaving fans hungry to experience its magic live.

Rachel Adams

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