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Mystery Unraveled: The Enigmatic Drugging Incident on the ‘Titanic’ Set in 1996



Halifax Regional Police have revealed new developments in the puzzling investigation surrounding the mass drugging of crew members on the set of the iconic movie ‘Titanic‘ back in 1996.

According to official reports obtained through a Freedom of Information request, it was uncovered that a sinister incident involving hallucinogenic drugs, specifically PCP, occurred during a lobster chowder lunch consumed by approximately 80 members of the ‘Titanic’ crew, including renowned director James Cameron.

Actor Bill Paxton, recalling the chaos, detailed a scene of laughter, tears, and sickness among the affected crew members in an interview with Entertainment Weekly at the time.

The police report now suggests a compelling theory that the perpetrator responsible for this disturbing act may no longer be within the country.

It points out that PCP, the hallucinogenic agent used, is uncommon in the local area but prevalent in Hollywood, hinting at a potential link to the movie industry hub.

The detailed report raises questions about the motivations behind the drugging, hinting at possible disruptions during the filming due to budgetary concerns and speculations about extending shooting timelines.

However, the report underlines the lack of concrete evidence to directly implicate any individual without a confession.

Official police records reveal that the investigation originated from complaints of food poisoning after the crew’s lunch break, which led to a wave of discomfort and illness symptoms, prompting numerous crew members to seek medical assistance at Dartmouth General Hospital.

The sudden outbreak of symptoms, including dizziness and gastric distress, quickly raised suspicions and set off an investigation into the shocking incident that rocked the Titanic set.

CTV News‘ journalist Daniel Otis unearthed this report, shining new light on a perplexing chapter in the entertainment industry’s history.

Rachel Adams

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