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Nagaland Baptist Church Council Commences 23rd Triennial and 87th Annual Gathering



Nagaland Baptist Church Council Commences 23rd Triennial And 87th Annual Gathering

The Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) began its 23rd Triennial and 87th Annual Gathering on February 1st, held at Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Niuland. This four-day event is hosted by Western Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Küqhakulu (WSBAK). The theme for this gathering is ‘Experiencing God Together – Acts 2:42-47’.

On February 2nd, the flag hoisting ceremony was administered by the NBCC General Secretary, Rev Dr Zelhou Keyho, followed by a march to the church. The disabled community was represented in the march, symbolizing the inclusivity of all individuals. The first worship service featured a sermon by NBCC President, Rev Dr Atsi Dolie, focusing on the theme of the gathering.

Throughout the event, various speakers will address the delegates, including Rev Dr Zelhou Keyho, General Secretary of NBCC; Valentine Davidar, Former Executive Director of Haggai Institute India & Asia; Nini Bendang, Associate Pastor, Women, City Church Kohima; Dr Angukali Rotokha, a Langham Scholar & Writer with a PhD in Old Testament; and Rev Phushito L Chishi, an Evangelist from WSBAK.

The agenda for February 3rd includes a Plenary Session with discussions on Integrity and Kingdom’s Values, Creation & Human Sexuality, and My Skill & My Walk with God. In addition to the worship services, a special event titled ‘Experiencing God together through culture’ will be held on Sunday, with Jacob Zhimomi, Minister of PHED & Cooperation in Nagaland, as the guest of honor.

This well-attended gathering has attracted around 670 delegates who have registered for the programme. The event will culminate on February 4th, providing a platform for participants to come together, discuss important topics, and strengthen their faith.

Rachel Adams

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