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Squeaky Beach in Victoria Named Australia’s Best Beach for 2024



Squeaky Beach In Victoria Named Australia's Best Beach For 2024

Victoria‘s Squeaky Beach has been crowned Australia’s best beach for 2024, making it the first beach from the state to claim this title. The list, curated by Australia’s Beach Ambassador Brad Farmer, involved an extensive investigation of nearly 12,000 beaches across the country, including mainland and surrounding islands.

Located in the south-east of the state, Squeaky Beach stands out not only because of its intriguing name but also due to its remarkable features. Farmer described it as a beach that could be mistaken for a masterpiece painting. With its crashing waves on boulders and vast open space, Squeaky Beach offers a unique experience. However, what sets it apart is its proximity to Wilsons Promontory, where visitors can encounter emus, wombats, and kangaroos.

According to Farmer, Victoria is often overlooked when it comes to the best beaches, but Squeaky Beach’s recognition breaks that stereotype. He believes that people fail to realize the beauty of the coastlines available to Victorians and Melburnians. With stunning options in both the east and west, the state offers fabulous opportunities for beach lovers.

Such accolades, like the Best Australian Beaches list, play a crucial role in boosting international tourism and domestic visitation. Farmer utilized this occasion to call upon the federal government to contribute towards the management and protection of Australia’s coastline, which he considers a sustainable natural resource.

Tourism Australia’s managing director, Phillipa Harrison, emphasized the importance of showcasing Australia’s natural offerings. She stated that beaches are one of the primary attractions for international visitors and play a significant role in their travel preferences.

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