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Navigating the Challenges of Ben Ming Nian: How to Ward off Bad Luck in Your Chinese Zodiac Year



Navigating The Challenges Of Ben Ming Nian: How To Ward Off Bad Luck In Your Chinese Zodiac Year

In Chinese astrology, individuals face the phenomenon of ‘Ben Ming Nian’, a year when their zodiac animal aligns with their birth year. This alignment, while seemingly fortuitous, is often associated with challenges and misfortune in various aspects of life. The twelve zodiac animals in Chinese astrology, such as the Rat, Ox, Tiger, and Rabbit, each govern a specific year and bring unique energies.

During one’s Ben Ming Nian, believed to be a period of heightened vulnerability to bad luck, the presence of the ‘Tai Sui‘ or the God of Tai Sui looms large. This deity is said to be displeased when an individual shares their zodiac sign, invoking caution and rituals to avert misfortune. Traditionally, it is discouraged to undertake major endeavors like marriage or ambitious projects during this time.

To counteract the perceived negative influence of the Tai Sui during one’s Ben Ming Nian, several practices are recommended. Building a shrine dedicated to the Tai Sui in one’s home serves as a gesture of respect, seeking forgiveness and goodwill. The placement of the shrine is advised according to the favored direction of the specific Tai Sui deity for that year.

Avoiding direct gaze towards the Tai Sui is another customary practice aimed at warding off ill luck. Adjusting the arrangement of furniture or wearing talismans with symbolic representations like the Zodiac animal or Pixiu, a wealth-bringing creature, are believed to offer protection and attract positive energies during the challenging Ben Ming Nian period.

The significance of wearing red attire, a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture, is emphasized during one’s Ben Ming Nian. From clothing accessories to undergarments, the color red is embraced to enhance luck and shield against negative influences. Individuals may opt for jade talismans, revered for their purifying properties, to counteract any perceived malevolent forces.

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