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Unique Chinese New Year Greetings and Their Meanings Explained



Unique Chinese New Year Greetings And Their Meanings Explained

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, marks the beginning of a new year in the traditional Chinese calendar. This year’s celebrations are in full swing, lasting just over two weeks until the full moon.

When it comes to wishing someone a Happy Chinese New Year, there are several ways to do so. For instance, in Mandarin Chinese, you can say ‘xin nian kuai le’ which translates to ‘Happy New Year’. Another variation is ‘xin nian hao’, meaning ‘Good New Year’, which is more casual and suitable for friends and family.

For those who might have missed the exact day, there’s also the greeting ‘guo nian hao’, which can be used both on the day of the New Year and shortly after to wish others a prosperous year ahead.

Contrary to popular belief, the phrase ‘gong hei fat choy’ is not the same as wishing someone a Happy Chinese New Year. In fact, it conveys a wish for prosperity, specifically hoping for wealth and success in the upcoming year. The Cantonese version is ‘gong hei fat choy’, while in Mandarin Chinese, it is ‘gong xi fa cai’.

Furthermore, Chinese New Year is also referred to as ‘chun jie’ or the Spring Festival. This alternative greeting can be used interchangeably with the standard New Year’s wishes. ‘Chun jie kuai le’ or ‘chun jie hao’ are the variations that can be utilized when extending best wishes to friends and family.

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