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New Covid Variant Driving Hospital Admissions Across UK, Experts Warn of Potential Summer Wave



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A new Covid variant, identified as KP.3 and part of the FLiRT group, has emerged in the UK, leading to a surge in hospital admissions. This variant, alongside KP.1.1 and KP.2, now accounts for 40% of all Covid cases in the country, as per data from the UK Health Security Agency.

FLiRT variants have been causing concern due to mutations in their genetic code, with KP.2 initially driving infections in May before KP.3 took over, nearly doubling UK infections within a short span.

Hospital admissions in the UK rose by 24% within a week, with the highest rate still among those over 85 years old, now standing at 34.70 per 100,000. However, increases were also seen across other age groups, indicating a spread among the population.

Experts like Virologist Lawrence Young from Warwick University have warned of a potential summer wave of Covid, emphasizing that the virus remains active and not purely seasonal. The diminishing immunity levels in the population are seen as a contributing factor to the variant’s spread.

While current infection numbers are lower compared to previous seasons, the proportion of positive test results among suspected Covid cases has increased by 19%, reaching 10%. Professor Steve Griffin from Leeds University highlighted the concerning rise in hospitalizations, particularly with a lower uptake of the spring booster among vulnerable individuals.

Furthermore, the US is also experiencing a rise in Covid cases attributed to the KP.3 variant, surpassing KP.2 and accounting for 25% of cases. The situation in the US echoes the warnings given by experts in the UK regarding a potential resurgence of the virus.

Rachel Adams

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