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Pratley to Showcase Innovative Adhesives Range at NAMPO 2024



Leading manufacturer Pratley will be unveiling its cutting-edge range of adhesives at the upcoming NAMPO Harvest Day 2024 hosted by SA Grain from May 14 to 17 in Bothaville, Free State. Mark Bell, the National Sales and Marketing Manager at Pratley Adhesives, expressed enthusiasm about this showcase.

At the event, Pratley will not only present its established high-performance epoxy and acrylic adhesive products but also launch the latest GripTack Double Sided Mounting Tape, which was officially introduced on May 6. Pratley’s adhesives lineup, known for its world-first products, will be a focal point as they demonstrate their suitability for various farm maintenance applications.

Pratley’s range covers general repairs, farm maintenance, and the specific needs of the agricultural and mechanical equipment repair sector, aiming to assist farmers in quick and cost-effective repairs. The company’s adhesives are designed to keep agricultural equipment in optimal condition for efficient farming operations.

Among Pratley’s renowned products is the Pratley Putty, an epoxy-based hand moldable substance highly regarded for its versatility and exceptional bonding capabilities across wood, metal, ceramics, and most plastics, providing durable bonds. Suitable for sealing leaks, filling gaps, and adhering different surfaces, the Pratley Putty is a staple for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Pratley will also showcase the Pratley Quickset® Clear, known for its fast-curing properties that deliver seamless transparent bonds, making it perfect for glass repairs, jewelry crafting, and model making. The product’s quick-curing nature ensures efficient and high-quality bonds for various applications.

For demanding industrial applications, Pratley Steel Quickset® will be on display at the event, offering unmatched strength and durability. Engineered to provide maximum bonding capabilities, Pratley Steel Quickset® is ideal for heavy-duty tasks like metal fabrication, automotive repairs, and machinery assembly, ensuring robust and long-lasting bonds.

Mark emphasized that Pratley’s adhesives offer reliability and peace of mind for a wide range of applications, from household repairs to industrial uses. Visitors can meet the Pratley team and explore their products at Stand 12 in the Nutrifeeds Hall during NAMPO 2024.

Rachel Adams

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