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Renowned Criminologist Prof T Returns for Third Season with Jailhouse Debut



Renowned criminologist Professor T takes center stage once more as the hit TV series returns for its eagerly anticipated third season. Emmy-nominated actor Ben Miller reprises his role as the enigmatic Jasper Tempest, known for his quirky character intricacies.

The show, originally a Belgian creation, captures the life of Professor T, an academic expert with a unique set of psychological challenges. The character navigates the world of crime solving with a blend of brilliance and unconventional behaviors.

In the latest season, we find Jasper Tempest imprisoned for a surprising offense, setting the stage for a captivating storyline that unfolds behind bars. Familiar faces return, such as the ever-eccentric Adelaide portrayed by the talented Frances de la Tour, alongside a dynamic investigative duo – Lisa Donkers and Dan Winters, portrayed by Emma Naomi and Barney White respectively.

As Jasper faces the challenges of prison life, encounters with former adversaries and new mysteries to solve, viewers are in for an engaging ride filled with twists and turns. The arrival of Adam Bernard played by Jack Ashton sparks a compelling narrative, further entwining the lives of the characters in exciting ways.

The show continues to challenge stereotypes and push boundaries with its portrayal of mental health issues, as Jasper’s OCD and germophobia take center stage amidst the backdrop of a prison environment. With stellar performances from Juliet Stevenson as Dr. Helena Goldberg and Ingrid Snares played with gusto by the talented supporting cast, the series maintains its high production value and intriguing plotlines.

Professor T season three promises viewers an immersive experience into the complex world of crime solving, psychological intrigue, and unlikely alliances. With Ben Miller’s captivating portrayal of Jasper Tempest leading the pack, fans can expect a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations as the season unfolds.

Rachel Adams

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