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Russian Army in Ukraine Faces Rodent Problem, Social Media Account Reports



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Russian President Vladimir Putin’s army waging war in Ukraine has a rodent problem, according to a social media account that posts footage focusing on operations by Kyiv’s forces. OSINTtechnical, the account in question, provided details about the issue, stating that the problem worsened as cold weather set in. The account also shared a video that showed numerous mice scurrying around among bedding, although the exact time and location of the footage remain unclear.

Newsweek reached out to Russia’s Defense Ministry via email for comment on the situation, but has yet to receive a response. Multiple reports have surfaced throughout Putin’s invasion of Ukraine indicating that Russia’s military has been dealing with rat and mice infestations.

The rodent problem extends beyond the Russian trenches. An American nurse named Rebekah Maciorowski, who works with the Ukrainian army, confirmed that they were also dealing with mice in their trenches. She explained that mice are not very selective when it comes to finding shelter from the cold.

In a separate interview, a former Russian soldier recounted his experiences living in trenches infested with mice and rats. He described the challenging conditions they faced, including water shortages and limited food. The soldier claimed they were fed only once a day and were provided with minimal amounts of water. He also mentioned the empty wells in the area. Reports of low morale in the Russian army since the war began have been prevalent.

Even back in Russia, soldiers have not been exempt from rodent pestering. Residents of a military town in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region recently complained about rats the size of a cat and cockroaches infesting officers’ houses.

On a related note, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby made accusations against Putin’s military on Thursday. He claimed that soldiers who refuse to follow orders while serving in Ukraine are being executed. This further adds to the ongoing controversy surrounding the war.

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Isabel van Brugen, a Newsweek Reporter based in Kuala Lumpur, is currently focused on reporting on the Russia-Ukraine war.

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