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Sir Lindsay Hoyle Re-elected as House Speaker in Traditional Ceremony at Parliament



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Sir Lindsay Hoyle has been re-elected as the house speaker as the Commons meets for the first time since last week’s general election. The motion was moved by Edward Leigh and the vote taken by acclamation. As per tradition, Hoyle was “dragged” to the chair by Cat Smith and David Davis – intended to recall the time when speakers were reluctant to take the job, because several of them had their heads chopped off by the monarch.

The bells of St. Margaret’s Church opposite Parliament rang out to mark the re-election of Sir Lindsay Hoyle, the 158th speaker of the House. Sir Lindsay, with his experience and commitment to fairness, impartiality, and independence, accepted the re-election graciously.

In a light-hearted speech, Sir Lindsay reminisced about his time in the role, mentioning the Rees-Mogg conga and his interactions with various prime ministers and monarchs. He expressed gratitude for representing the House on significant occasions including the events surrounding Queen Elizabeth and King Charles III.

The newly elected House of Commons saw a remarkable increase in female members, with 263 women MPs making up 40% of the total members. The composition includes a diverse array of parties, with representatives from the Green Party, Reform UK, and independent members like Jeremy Corbyn.

Following the ceremonial proceedings, Sir Lindsay Hoyle will undergo the formal approval process known as Royal Approbation, ensuring his official status as Speaker. This will be followed by the swearing-in of all MPs, each pledging allegiance to the king and his successors in various languages and forms.

As the House prepares for the State Opening of Parliament on July 17th, where the government will outline its legislative agenda, the re-election of Sir Lindsay marks the continuity and stability of parliamentary traditions in the United Kingdom.

Rachel Adams

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