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Vladimir Putin Proposes Immediate Ceasefire in Ukraine, Conditions Apply



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Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has put forward a proposition for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, contingent on a few key conditions. The declaration came during a speech at the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow. Putin stated that negotiations would commence promptly if Ukraine withdrew troops from the four occupied Ukrainian regions and abandoned plans to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

The announcement comes amidst the Group of Seven (G7) industrialised nations summit, where international leaders are convening to discuss crucial global matters. Notably, more than 90 countries and organisations are scheduled to partake in deliberations regarding potential pathways towards peace in Ukraine.

Although Russia has been notably excluded from the summit, Putin expressed his willingness to adhere to the proposed ceasefire protocol. Currently, Russia maintains control over approximately a fifth of Ukrainian territory, marking the third year of ongoing conflict. Kyiv authorities have emphasized that any sustainable resolution must involve complete Russian troop withdrawal and the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Earlier in the day, Putin clarified his military objectives during Ukraine’s conflict, asserting that the Russian advance toward Kyiv two years ago aimed to pressure Ukraine into accepting a peace accord. Contrary to claims by Ukraine and Western nations, Putin clarified that the intention was not to initiate a full-on assault on the capital city.

Putin’s recent statement signifies a possible shift in Russia’s stance concerning the Ukrainian conflict. Previously, on June 8, the Russian president had categorically dismissed the notion of gaining victory in the war with Ukraine. He underscored that the use of force was contingent on an exceptional threat to a country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Rachel Adams

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