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Alice Springs Under Curfew After Series of Violent Incidents: Police Commissioner Issues Public Disorder Declaration



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Alice Springs is facing a curfew following a spate of violent incidents, as issued by Northern Territory Police Commissioner Michael Murphy. The Public Disorder Declaration (PDD) has been invoked for the town, restricting movement in the CBD from 10:00pm to 06:00am.

The decision for the PDD comes after a series of troubling events within the designated CBD area, including large-scale public fights, assaults, fireworks discharged into a business, and dangerous driving of stolen vehicles.

Under this declaration, the police are granted authority to control movement to prevent or reduce public disorder. The powers, introduced in June 2024, allow police to issue directions to individuals within the specified area during the curfew hours.

Commissioner Murphy emphasized the educational approach to enforcing the curfew, backed by additional police and inter-agency patrols in Alice Springs. The community is urged to comply with the restrictions to ensure safety within the town.

The curfew timeframe between 10:00pm and 06:00am over the next 72 hours is intended to address recent violence concerns. The restricted area covers zones from Anzac Hill to Stott Terrace, with specific allowances for entry under certain circumstances.

Chief Minister Eva Lawler highlighted that the decision to implement the curfew was necessary to address the immediate public safety issues in Alice Springs. The new powers were developed due to challenges faced under existing emergency management laws.

Non-governmental organizations in Alice Springs have been called upon to provide additional support during the curfew period, emphasizing the need for a collective effort to address community safety concerns.

The recent incidents include an assault on off-duty police officers near the Todd River, a stabbing incident, and an officer being run over outside a bottle shop. These events have prompted swift action from law enforcement to ensure public safety in the area.

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