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XL Bully Dogs Involved in Fatal Attack on Woman in Essex Confirmed by Police



Xl Bully Dogs Involved In Fatal Attack On Woman In Essex Confirmed By Police

Essex Police have confirmed that two XL bully dogs were responsible for the tragic death of 68-year-old Esther Martin in Jaywick, near Clacton-on-Sea. The incident occurred while Esther was visiting her grandson on Saturday.

An arrest was made in connection with the dangerous dog offenses. Ashley Warren, 39, was taken into custody and later released on police bail until March. The victim’s daughter, Sonia Martin, hailing from Woodford Green in north-east London, disclosed details of the harrowing event.

The police noted that the dogs involved in the attack were identified as XL bullies after post-mortem examinations were conducted. A thorough investigation was carried out to ascertain the breed and type of the dogs accurately.

XL bully dogs fall under the sub-category of the American bully breed. Their physical features were examined by an expert to determine their classification as XL bullies.

Family members of Esther Martin expressed their concerns about the conditions in which the dogs were kept. They alleged that the XL bully pets were unregistered and confined to a small chalet on the property in Jaywick.

The tragic incident unfolded inside a residence on Hillman Avenue, triggering a swift response from the authorities. Neighbors rushed to intervene as the young grandson of Esther raised the alarm, seeking assistance amidst the chaos.

XL bully dogs have recently faced regulatory restrictions in the UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act. This legislation has categorized several breeds, including Pit Bulls Terriers, Japanese Tosas, Dogo Argentino, and Brazilian Mastiffs, as prohibited.

The coverage of XL bully dogs in media and public discourse has sparked debates about effective dog ownership regulations and community safety measures.

Efforts to enforce responsible pet ownership and prevent tragic incidents involving dangerous dog breeds continue to be a focal point for lawmakers and animal welfare advocates.

Rachel Adams

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