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Poonam Pandey Reveals Faking Death to Raise Awareness for Cervical Cancer



Poonam Pandey Reveals Faking Death To Raise Awareness For Cervical Cancer

Indian model and actor, Poonam Pandey, shocked her fans and the media when news of her death from cervical cancer surfaced on her official Instagram handle. However, Poonam later revealed that the announcement was a ploy to generate conversations about the pressing issue of cervical cancer awareness.

In a series of videos posted on her Instagram page, Poonam explained her intentions behind faking her death, admitting that her extreme act was aimed at bringing attention to a topic that isn’t discussed enough. She expressed regret for causing hurt and clarified that she was safe and healthy.

Poonam has now launched a website called, dedicated to increasing awareness about cervical cancer. She emphasized that while she had not succumbed to the disease, thousands of women have lost their lives due to cervical cancer because they lacked knowledge about preventive measures and treatments.

The news of Poonam’s demise had initially shocked social media users, with many questioning the authenticity of the incident. However, after her revelation, criticism emerged, labeling her act as a publicity stunt. Poonam Pandey made her feature film debut with the erotic drama Nasha in 2013 and has also appeared in cameo roles in films such as Love Is Poison (Kannada) and Aa Gaya Hero (Hindi). She has headlined movies like Malini & Co and The Journey of Karma. Additionally, Poonam was a participant in the television reality competition Lock Upp, which was hosted by actress Kangana Ranaut.

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