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Quarter of Americans Resolve to Travel More in 2024, British Airways Survey Reveals



Quarter Of Americans Resolve To Travel More In 2024, British Airways Survey Reveals

A recent survey conducted by British Airways has unveiled that a significant number of Americans are planning to travel more in the coming year. The survey found that about 25% of Americans have resolved to increase their travel in 2024, with a strong focus on exploring new destinations. This reflects a growing trend among Americans who have embraced a newfound desire to travel since the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Europe emerges as the top choice for American travelers in 2024, with 67% expressing their intention to visit the region. Among these American travelers, 12% specifically plan to travel to the United Kingdom. The survey also highlights that film and TV locations significantly influence Americans’ travel decisions, with 22% citing this as the main inspiration for their travel plans.

In response to this increased travel demand, British Airways has launched its Black Friday sale, offering vacation savings of up to $600. The sale includes attractive flight deals, such as round-trip World Traveller (economy) flights from New York to London starting from $637. This presents an excellent opportunity for Americans looking to make their travel resolutions a reality.

Interestingly, the survey reveals a contrasting trend among Canadians, with only 20% committing to travel more in 2024. Social media plays a more significant role in influencing Canadians’ travel decisions, with 27% citing it as their main influence.

As part of the Black Friday sale, British Airways is offering enticing deals on vacation packages, including round-trip flights and hotel accommodations. Travelers can book trips to London starting from $849 per person or trips to Barcelona starting from $699 per person. The sale ends on November 28, so there is limited time to take advantage of these discounted offers.

The survey also sheds light on American travelers’ priorities for their upcoming vacations. Wellbeing emerges as a significant focus, with 39% of Americans wanting to relax and unwind more during their trips. “Quality me-time” ranks as the top priority for the perfect vacation, with 34% highlighting its importance.

When it comes to travel aspirations for 2024, 22% of Americans vow to escape the ordinary and embark on unique experiences. More than half of the respondents (53%) express a desire to go “off the beaten track” when choosing their travel destinations. Sustainability also emerges as a key priority, with 20% of Americans aspiring to travel more sustainably.

In addition to the Black Friday sale, British Airways is adding special touches to its onboard experience during Thanksgiving. Customers will have the option to enjoy a festive main course and dessert on long-haul flights to and from the US on November 23. Traditional turkey roast and pumpkin-flavored dishes will be among the choices available.

British Airways Chief Commercial Officer, Colm Lacy, encourages American travelers to take advantage of the Black Friday sale, stating that the airline offers direct flights to London from 26 US cities, providing a multitude of options for travelers to fulfill their vacation dreams.

Overall, the survey conducted by British Airways provides valuable insights into the travel plans and aspirations of Americans for the upcoming year. With a significant number of Americans resolving to travel more, the Black Friday sale presents an excellent opportunity to make those travel dreams a reality.

Rachel Adams

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