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Subdued Festivities Spark Controversy in Westfield Mall During Holy Week



During this Holy Week for Christians and Passover Week for Jews, the Westfield shopping mall in Melbourne has raised eyebrows with the absence of jubilant Easter decorations that shoppers have come to expect. The usual festive aura, complete with Happy Easter signs and seasonal trinkets, was notably lacking amidst the bustling retail haven.

This deviation from the norm at one of Melbourne’s popular shopping destinations has left many visitors surprised and questioning the reasoning behind the subdued approach to the holidays. The ambience, typically filled with enthusiasm for the upcoming Easter weekend, instead felt muted and unusual, prompting speculation among patrons.

Despite the absence of traditional Easter adornments, the Westfield mall in Melbourne remained busy with shoppers taking advantage of pre-holiday sales and promotions. The usual sounds of cheerful holiday music were replaced with a more subdued atmosphere, marking a departure from the customary festive spirit that defines this time of year.

Many shoppers expressed disappointment at the lack of festive decorations and symbols that usually accompany the Easter period, noting the stark difference in the mall’s ambiance compared to previous years. The absence of typical Easter-themed displays and merchandise added to the sense of unease among patrons, who were left wondering about the rationale behind the minimalist approach.

As Holy Week and Passover Week festivities continue, the Westfield shopping mall in Melbourne remains an outlier in the holiday decor department, with its understated approach garnering attention and sparking controversy among visitors. While some appreciate the departure from the usual commercialization of Easter, others feel that the absence of festive decorations detracts from the spirit of the season.

Rachel Adams

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