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Unusual Mosquito ‘Tornadoes’ Observed in Pune Create Buzz on Social Media



Unusual Mosquito 'tornadoes' Observed In Pune Create Buzz On Social Media

Spires of buzzing mosquitoes were recently witnessed swirling over the skyline in Pune, resembling narrow funnel tornadoes, generating widespread attention on social media.

Videos capturing the unusual phenomenon located in Keshavnagar and Kharadi have quickly gone viral, sparking horrified reactions and calls for action.

While occurrences of mosquito ‘tornadoes’ are not uncommon in Maharashtra, the sight of them swirling over the urban setting of Pune, particularly over the Mutha River, is a rare spectacle.

Recent weather conditions are said to have provided an ideal breeding ground for these insects, leading to the mass congregation and swirling patterns witnessed.

Netizens on social media platforms have expressed a mix of horror and amusement at the sight, with some suggesting the use of flamethrowers to address the issue.

Comments ranged from jokes about ‘mosquito view projects’ to comparisons of the phenomenon to dementors from popular literature.

Concerns have also been raised about the potential health implications of the massive mosquito congregation in the area.

Rachel Adams

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