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Canadian Politician Faces Backlash for Claiming Canadians Flee to Nicaragua



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Canadian Conservative Leader, Pierre Poilievre, sparked controversy after releasing a video where he claimed that some Canadians were fleeing to Nicaragua due to high housing costs in Canada.

In the video posted to social media platform X, a Canadian woman shared her story of moving from Cape Breton, Canada, to Nicaragua with her family two years ago citing affordability concerns.

During the video, Poilievre suggested that people were now leaving Canada for Nicaragua, contrary to the historical trend of migration to Canada, blaming the situation on the nine-year leadership of Justin Trudeau.

Nicaragua, under the rule of President Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo, has been experiencing social and political unrest, prompting warnings from several countries, including Australia, about the high crime rate and health risks in the region.

The travel advisories caution about armed robbery, assault, and potential risks of insect-borne diseases like dengue in Nicaragua, outlining the challenges faced by travelers and residents alike.

In response to Poilievre’s claims, Liberal politicians, including Transport Minister Pablo Rodriguez and Innovation Minister Fran├žois-Philippe Champagne, criticized the narrative as irresponsible and lacking in accurate knowledge about the situation in Nicaragua.

Cape Breton Member of Parliament, Jaime Battiste, extended an invitation to the family mentioned in the video to return, emphasizing the economic growth and housing opportunities in the region.

As the debate continues, Poilievre’s spokesperson, Sebastian Skamski, acknowledged the broader global context of migration and displacement but defended the portrayal of the Canadian family’s specific experience.

The controversy highlights the intersection of political rhetoric, international migration challenges, and domestic housing affordability issues facing Canadians.

Rachel Adams

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