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Five Potential Safe Havens in the Event of World War III



Five Potential Safe Havens In The Event Of World War Iii

British Army Chief, General Sir Patrick Sanders, recently warned the UK to train and equip a ‘citizen army’ to ready the country for a potential land war.

The Chief of General Staff said Britain’s army is ‘too small’ and urged ministers to ‘mobilise the nation’ in preparation for a wider conflict against Russia amid tensions between the United States and Iran.

In light of this, MailOnline explores five potential safe havens on Earth that could offer protection in the event of World War III.

One such place is Wood Norton, a former Wartime Broadcasting System base purchased by the BBC at the beginning of the Second World War.

Tucked away in the Worcestershire hillsides, the underground bunker can house up to 90 BBC staff members and is used as a training base for sound engineers and technical staff.

The bunker, also known as PAWN (Protected Area Wood Norton), has a mast that can continue broadcasting messages from the BBC during a crisis.

Another secretive location is the Raven Rock Mountain Complex, also referred to as ‘Harry’s Hole’. Constructed in 1948 and receiving upgrades post-9/11, the Pennsylvanian bunker has 900,000 square feet of office space and can accommodate up to 1,400 people.

Peters Mountain in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia is an AT&T communications station functioning as a secret centre for the US government’s continuity planning. It has undergone $67 million worth of renovations and could potentially serve as a relocation site for intelligence agencies.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex in El Paso County, Colorado, is a well-known defense bunker and the headquarters for NORAD. Originally constructed during the Cold War, this facility boasts impressive features such as chambers with their own fuel and water, and even an underground lake.

These safe havens, including Wood Norton, Raven Rock, Peters Mountain, and Cheyenne Mountain, provide potential alternatives for key personnel and government agencies in the event of a global conflict.

Rachel Adams

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