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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Responds Live to Trump-Biden Debate Questions



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Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. chose to respond in real-time to the questions posed to President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump during their debate in Atlanta on Thursday. Kennedy’s campaign organized ‘The Real Debate,’ a live-streamed event on the social platform X, with renowned host John Stossell moderating the discussion.

While Kennedy was not present at the main debate, he delivered his responses on key topics, including inflation, the COVID-19 response, and abortion. His opening remarks were critical of CNN, the debate’s host, accusing the network of collusion with the major parties to keep him excluded. Kennedy emphasized the importance of challenging the perceived establishment influence.

Despite the absence from the mainstream debate and a seemingly quiet public schedule, Kennedy has been actively engaging through social media and interviews. He maintained a strong presence leading up to the recent events, including a mix of rallies, fundraisers, and non-traditional campaign activities across the nation.

The upcoming months pose a challenge for Kennedy as the major party conventions draw closer and public interest intensifies. With limited resources for widespread advertising, public engagements and media coverage play a crucial role in maintaining relevance and voter recognition.

Although Kennedy may face a tough race without the platform of main debates, he has garnered support from various factions who see him as a potential disruptor in the political landscape. Biden and Trump supporters alike are wary of his impact, viewing his campaign as a potential spoiler in the upcoming election.

Rachel Adams

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