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World Vision Taiwan to Terminate Foster Care Services Due to Social Worker Shortage



World Vision Taiwan To Terminate Foster Care Services Due To Social Worker Shortage

World Vision Taiwan (WVT) announced its decision to discontinue providing foster care services on behalf of local governments after diligently serving for 33 years. The move follows recent public concern surrounding the tragic death of a 1-year-old boy reportedly due to abuse by his caretaker.

The unfortunate incident occurred when the boy, under the care of a licensed Taipei nanny arranged by another charitable organization, passed away following alleged chronic mistreatment by the caregiver. The Child Welfare League Foundation (CWLF) had placed the child with the nanny as a temporary measure while seeking a permanent adoptive family.

Although the prosecution has detained the nanny, identified as Liu, and her sister in connection with the case, formal charges are pending. As a response, WVT clarified that their decision to withdraw from the foster care domain primarily stems from a scarcity of social workers and challenges in recruiting foster households.

According to Wang Yi-wen, a brand management executive at WVT, the dynamic nature of foster care arrangements, coupled with the increasing demand for specialized care for children with diverse needs, has rendered the task more complex. This shift has prompted WVT to redirect resources towards neglected areas like teenage welfare support.

WVT is presently engaging in discussions with various local governments to finalize the discontinuation of their partnership, which commenced in 1991. Currently, WVT is responsible for foster care services in Taipei, New Taipei, Kaohsiung, and Pingtung County.

Notably, the agreement with New Taipei is set to conclude by the end of April, while partnerships with the remaining three local administrations are expected to endure until the year’s end. In response, the Social and Family Affairs Administration under the Ministry of Health and Welfare has initiated the transfer of foster care management tasks to alternative organizations at the regional level.

Rachel Adams

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